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Seven areas to monitor on your dairy team

December 29, 2014
POSTED BY: Rodney Jackson | PeopleFirst™ consultant for Zoetis

You know all about monitoring signs for challenges in a fresh cow. But what about monitoring your employees? Do you know how to spot weaknesses on your team? A successful dairy needs healthy animals and employees.

Seven areas to monitor

  1. The strategy. Is everyone clear about the organizational objectives and strategies? Have the leaders shared the dairy’s overall strategy with the entire team? Without good communication, your employees won’t know what they are working toward.
  2. Success. Have you established what success means at the dairy or how it is measured? Make sure everyone understands what success looks like.
  3. Staffing. Look into all areas of people management, including recruitment and selection, onboarding, training and development, performance management, recognition systems and succession planning. Evaluate how well the business strategy supports these efforts.
  4. Work processes and protocols. Is everyone following your practice’s systems, processes, protocols and procedures? If so, are they as efficient as they could be?
  5. Leadership. Take a look at the leadership. Make sure everyone across the organization is aligned with the vision and mission of the dairy.
  6. Operational culture. Understand the culture of the operation. Does your team agree it’s a good work environment? Make sure the culture aligns to the values of the operation.
  7. Communication. Evaluate your communications systems, methods, skills and abilities. Identify communication breakdowns and where they occur.

Treatments for your team

Why do all of this? For starters, you’ll understand what your employees think about their work environment. You’ll also discover your team’s strengths and weaknesses. By becoming more aware of problems, you should be able to find more effective solutions and even help prevent future challenges.

If you need help assessing your employees, contact your local Zoetis representative or member of the PeopleFirst team. Our experts can help you examine your organization as a whole to start building a healthier team and dairy. For more information, visit


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