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January 13, 2015
POSTED BY: Richard Wallace | DVM, MS | Managing Veterinarian | Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

Your veterinarian is one of the most important people to set foot on your dairy operation. Not only do they help you keep your cattle healthy. They also help protect you and your social license to produce safe, wholesome dairy products.

Are you taking advantage of your veterinarian’s expertise? Are you including him or her in the assessment and application of health protocols? Do you allow them to conduct regular herd checks?

Establishing and maintaining a valid veterinarian-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) allows your veterinarian to provide your animals with the best possible care. The American Veterinary Medical Association’s Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics requires a valid VCPR to be in place for a veterinarian to prescribe medications or treat an animal. In many states, it’s required by law.

Know what your VCPR responsibilities are and make them a Dairy Wellness priority year-round. Visit AvoidResidues.com to learn more about the benefits of maintaining a valid VCPR.




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