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Connecting with consumers

October 01, 2013
POSTED BY: Richard Wallace | DVM, MS | Managing Veterinarian | Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

Consumers are the fuel keeping the dairy industry running. They are the ones purchasing our products, after all, but the gap between the agriculture industry and consumers continues to widen. Not only is it our job to provide consumers with high-quality dairy products, we need to continue to portray a positive image of the industry we live and breathe every day.

We asked a few Zoetis professionals what message they’d like to convey to today’s consumers. Sara Harbaugh, Territory Business Manager for Zoetis, tells us “If I could relay one message to consumers about the dairy industry, it would be how much they care about their animals and how hard they work to care for those animals to produce a safe, healthy, wholesome food supply.”

Watch the video linked below to hear more from Sara and other Zoetis colleagues about what they’d like consumers to know about this hard-working industry. What message do you want consumers to know about the quality product you produce? Leave a comment below with your message to consumers.  



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