Invest in the right heifers
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Invest in the right heifers

June 09, 2014
POSTED BY: Paul Fernandes | Dairy Production Specialist | Zoetis

Raising a heifer from birth to freshening is a big investment in time and money. How do you know which ones are worth it? Brian Fiscalini with Fiscalini Farms & Cheese Co., Modesto, California, uses CLARIFIDE® to identify his animals with the greatest genetic potential and make better heifer culling decisions when they are young to improve the profitability of his 100-year-old dairy operation.

Fiscalini has seen the proof in the production and profitability. In two years, his operation has reduced its heifer inventory and related costs. The herd members ranked highest by CLARIFIDE testing outperform other herdmates. Hear from Fiscalini on the advantage CLARIFIDE offers his dairy and how he recommends getting started with genomic testing on your operation.


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