Make resolutions to improve performance
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Make resolutions to improve performance

February 04, 2014
POSTED BY: Nicolas Buttars | Business Solutions Manager | Zoetis

One of the only ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions is to write them down. When it comes to your dairy, writing those resolutions down is even more important when they include your goals for the year.

 For goals to be successful, they need to be specific, measurable and achievable. To help them become a reality on your dairy in 2014, consider creating a plan for resolutions that boost your confidence, engage employees and enjoy a more successful  dairy this new year:

 1)     Resolve to better manage employees

The No. 1 driver of what keeps employees engaged at work is the relationship with their immediate supervisor.1 Workplaces of highly engaged, productive and efficient employees are committed to the operation’s success. They treat the dairy like it’s their own.

 To bolster productivity within a highly motivated team, it’s essential that all managers and supervisors learn how to be effective leaders and understand how to build relationships with their team. Just as new employees need training, managers need training to identify and develop their leadership and managerial skills.

 2)     Strive to properly train employees

While finding time in a busy work day to properly train employees is difficult, it is essential to improve business performance, reduce operational risk and drive employee engagement. Training programs that increase employee engagement can boost performance by 20%.2 In addition, companies with high employee engagement have a higher operating income, margin, productivity, return on equity and return on assets.3-5 For dairy owners, there is a clear financial incentive to ensure proper training this new year.

 3)     Define a direction for your operation

Transform conversations about the future into action. Organizations that use strategic planning are more profitable and last longer.6,7 It helps ensure consistency throughout the dairy. It also outlines important objectives that can unify the business. Planning helps you reach your goals sooner and with fewer complications.

 Set your dairy up for increased productivity and profitability throughout the year by establishing your operation and employee management goals now. Visit for more ways to improve your operation in the new year.


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