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Find time to train dairy workers

November 05, 2013
POSTED BY: Nicolas Buttars | Business Solutions Manager | Zoetis

Finding time in a busy workday to train employees can be difficult. But training is essential to keep things running smoothly and reduce risk on the dairy. New employees who join the operation need proper training and education for a smooth transition into the workplace, which also is known as onboarding. Veteran employees need refreshers on animal handling and other operating procedures.

Proper training can lead to better engagement and productivity from employees as well as reduced risk for the employer.

  • Training and new employee onboarding programs that increase employee engagement can boost performance by 20% and reduce the probability of departure by 87%.1
  • When an employee leaves, businesses can expect to pay up to 150% of the employee’s salary to cover the cost of finding and training a replacement.

There is no time to waste on dairy operations. With assistance from the newest training service offered by PeopleFirst Human Capital Solutions, employers have the convenience to provide proper training without disrupting day-to-day work efficiency. The Learning Management Portalis available online to give producers the tools and programs they need to train and manage employees. This will ensure a safe, more effective and productive business. Through interactive training modules and specialized subjects, employees are receiving the best information possible about the dairy industry and each individual operation. The online curriculum allows employers to track employee learning progress to guarantee efficiency and accountability. By tracking progress, employers can see when courses are completed and hold employees accountable for improving animal care and compliance. The portal also helps reduce risk by helping all employees better understand and comply with company, community and regulatory standards for animal wellness.

To learn more about the benefits of integrating the Learning Management Portal into your training program, watch this video. For information on how PeopleFirst consultants can assist your dairy or to sign up for the portal, contact your Zoetis representative or visit

1 Corporate Leadership Council. Employee engagement survey, 2004. Available at: Accessed November 4, 2013.


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