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Tell your story via millennial code

September 22, 2014
POSTED BY: Mike Layfield | Marketing Manager | Zoetis

Sharing the story of your dairy and what Dairy Wellness means to you on social media can be a great way to connect with friends and neighbors. It allows them to see why dairying is important to you and the steps you take every day to provide healthy food. However, communicating to users of social media, many of whom are millennials that want to know how their food is produced, can be nerve-wracking if you aren’t properly prepared.

When talking to people in their 20s and early 30s online, there are certain keys to keep in mind. The National Pork Board recently identified this as the Millennial Code. Here are some things to remember before you press Send.

Use a realistic tone — Millennials find farmers and veterinarians as credible sources when it comes to issues of animal health and welfare.1 You are the experts! When speaking to them, speaking positively and in a tone that you would have with people who were guests on your dairy.  

Tell the whole story — The information you share should be part of a broader story of why you do things on your dairy. For example, if you are talking about animal health, be sure to talk about the products you use and how you use them responsibly, as well as the management steps you take to keep cattle healthy. Explain why it’s important to you and contributes to the animal’s welfare.

Engage in a discussion — Social media is called that because it’s designed to be social! Don’t try to “educate” them in a way that comes across as a prescription or outpatient procedure. Use inviting language and a real, relatable voice so they feel comfortable sharing their beliefs with you. Try to resist using defensive tones if their views disagree with yours. It may be hard, but creating a sense of community will lead to greater success.

Offer transparent proof – The rule with millennials is that there is no such thing as too much transparency. When you are talking about what you do, use specific examples from your dairy. If you can show pictures of what you are doing, even better! Offering open and transparent proof builds confidence in your message.

Millennials want to engage with the world around them and are ready for a conversation about anything. Open your doors online so they have a better source than from animal rights groups to learn about the dairy industry. By giving social media users some insight into what you do on your dairy, you can contribute to a positive impression for our industry.

1Meredith E, Anderson A, Patterson N. New Research Helps us “Crack the Millennial Code” [webinar]. Available at:; 2014.


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