Forget the negative. One California cattleman reminds producers to focus on industry champions, in this case, Culver’s.
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Focus on positive industry champs

April 04, 2014
POSTED BY: Mike Layfield | Marketing Manager | Zoetis

There has been a lot of hype and understandable disappointment from the agricultural community about Chipotle’s recent marketing theme and video series, “Farmed and Dangerous.”

 Instead of perpetuating the momentum of the campaign, the recent BEEF Daily article “Forget Chipotle’s Negativity; Culver’s Champions for Animal Ag” takes a fresh approach. Inspired by BEEF Daily reader and California cattleman Jessie Larios, the article highlights the positive emphasis and contribution from the Culver’s restaurant chain.

 BEEF Daily shared this comment Larios made on Facebook: “For too long, the agriculture community has been upset at the ungrateful way Chipotle portrays animal agriculture. This weekend, I drove by a billboard sign that read, ‘Thank you, farmers,’ which was put up by the Culver’s fast food chain. Let’s not play to negativities. Let’s all spread the positive messages Culver’s gives us. For this I say to Culver’s: ‘My pleasure. You are welcome.’ ”

 Culver’s is humble and gracious about its roots, explaining, “Culver’s wouldn’t be what it is today without the family farms that grow and produce the wholesome, delicious food we so proudly serve.” Through its “Thank You, Farmers” campaign from billboards to Facebook, Culver’s encourages support and positivity in the agricultural community.

 And, for that, we thank them.

 Let’s overcome the negativity and encourage the positive messages from Culver’s and other pro-animal agricultural companies. What other companies should make the list? Visit the Dairy Wellness page on Facebook and help spread the positivity. 


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