Celebrate June Dairy Month
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Let’s talk up June Dairy Month

May 17, 2017
POSTED BY: Megan Lehman, Marketing Manager, Zoetis

Each year, June Dairy Month celebrates the industry’s commitment to producing a safe, wholesome food supply to feed the growing population. What better way to celebrate than by educating consumers on how you help make this possible.

There are many ways to observe the month by sharing your life on the farm with consumers. Here are some easy starters:

  • Illustrate your day in the life. You work hard around-the-clock. Show off some of the activities that can take place throughout the day on the dairy with this example. Personal stories from dairy farmers across the nation and some dairy facts and myths also help put life on the farm in perspective.  
  • Talk about the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards. Take a look at winners and past winners, who represent excellence in sustainability. Share their stories of continuous improvement. Remember, you can nominate dairy operations of all sizes from January to March each year for sustainability efforts that are good for the community, planet and business.
  • Share what Dairy Wellness means to you. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Share your dairy story this month through your camera on social media channels. Or share pictures with your neighbors or even in a classroom. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Visuals are a powerful way to showcase what Dairy Wellness means to you. For inspiration, see what Dairy Wellness means to us in this video.

Think about the many ways you can join the celebration by showcasing your passion for the dairy industry during June Dairy Month.



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