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August 17, 2013
POSTED BY: Ken Learmont | DVM | Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

Manage breeding schedules more efficiently with FACTREL® Injection (gonadorelin injection) and LUTALYSE® (dinoprost tromethamine injection) Sterile Solution in fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI). A successful reproductive program is critical to any dairy operation, but managing breeding schedules can be a challenge. With the approval of FACTREL Injection and LUTALYSE for FTAI, producers have the flexibility to breed cows on their schedule.

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved FACTREL Injection for use with LUTALYSE to synchronize estrous cycles, allowing for the use of these products from Zoetis in FTAI in lactating dairy cows.         

Use of FACTREL Injection in sequence with LUTALYSE optimizes breeding efficiency and reduces the time spent at the tail end of lactation and lower levels of production due to missed estrous cycles. With this new on-label solution, producers and veterinarians can continue using products they have known and used for decades.

FDA approval of FACTREL Injection for use with LUTALYSE includes a flexible schedule, allowing veterinarians to customize breeding programs for their dairy clients. Here are three examples of the flexible treatment regimen:

The unpredictable demands on a dairy producer’s time don’t have to interfere with a successful reproductive program. Approval of this new FTAI claim means producers can employ a trusted reproductive synchronization program to fit the needs of their operation.

Talk with your veterinarian about how to set up a reproductive program that includes FTAI with FACTREL Injection and LUTALYSE.


IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION FOR FACTREL Injection:  FACTREL Injection is for use in cattle only.  Please see full Prescribing Information, here.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION LUTALYSE:  Women of childbearing age and persons with respiratory problems should exercise extreme caution when handling LUTALYSE.  LUTALYSE is readily absorbed through the skin and may cause abortion and/or bronchiospasms, therefore spillage on the skin should be washed off immediately with soap and water.  Aseptic technique should be used to reduce the possibility of post-injection clostridial infections.  Do not administer LUTALYSE in pregnant cattle unless cessation of pregnancy is desired.  See full Prescribing Information, here.




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