The big deal about the industry’s only internal teat sealant
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Research shows benefits of ORBESEAL teat sealant

April 09, 2018
POSTED BY: Juan Rodrigo Pedraza | DVM | Managing Veterinarian | Zoetis

ORBESEAL® teat sealant provides a defensive barrier to help protect cows from new mastitis infections throughout the dry period. Although infusion with a long-acting antibiotic has been demonstrated to be successful at curing subclinical infections and preventing new infections during the dry period, ORBESEAL also acts as a physical barrier to help prevent new bacteria from entering the teat.

As the longest teat sealant on the market, the effectiveness of ORBESEAL is well-researched. In a 2003 trial completed by the University of Minnesota in well-managed, high-producing herds using a mastitis vaccination program, infusing ORBESEAL following dry cow therapy was evaluated against conventional dry cow therapy alone.1

Check out the Milk Quality Focus video where Sandra Godden, DVM, DVSc, University of Minnesota, discusses the trial results. Talk with your Zoetis representative or Zoetis milk quality specialist about how ORBESEAL can help benefit your dry cow mastitis management program.

Refer to the ORBESEAL label for complete instructions on proper administration at dry off and removal at freshening.

1Godden S, Rapnicki P, Stewart S, et al. Effectiveness of an Internal Teat Seal in the Prevention of New Intramammary Infections During the Dry and Early-Lactation Periods in Dairy Cows when used with a Dry Cow Intramammary Antibiotic. J Dairy Sci 86(12):3899-3911.



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