Is your management style reactive or proactive? The difference means a lot to your dairy.
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Manage to prevent recurring problems

June 20, 2014
POSTED BY: Jorge Estrada, PeopleFirst™ organizational development consultant, executive coach, Zoetis

Managing people is challenging. But let’s be honest: Your management style might be contributing to some of the recurring problems at your dairy.

Perhaps you have a somatic cell count issue that keeps surfacing. You try to solve it by retraining milkers on proper parlor procedures. Maybe you put an incentive in place. But six months later, it happens again.  

Reactive management, or a method of solving problems as they happen, might be the cause of these recurring problems. To break the cycle of putting out the same fires, you need to get to the root of issues on your dairy — managing proactively and preventing these challenges.

How do you find out if your management style is more reactive than it should be? I suggest asking yourself these questions:

• Who understands our company strategy?

• Am I hiring the right people?

• How are managers learning their roles?

• Am I giving appropriate feedback?

• Do I know whether we’re reaching our goals?

To understand what you should expect from each answer and to help adopt a proactive approach at your dairy, take a look at some of my tips on the Labor Matters blog from Dairy Today. By thinking about how all of these elements come together, you can give employees clarity. In turn, this contributes to your success and the profitability of the operation.


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