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Cool is the rule for vaccine handling

December 30, 2013
POSTED BY: Greg Edwards | DVM | Managing Veterinarian | Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

Vaccines are sensitive and won’t perform at their highest level unless cared for properly. Vaccines depend on you to properly handle and store them. Follow these tips to help ensure your vaccines reach their full potency:

  • Always read and follow label instructions. Labels will clearly indicate the procedures you need to follow to yield the best outcome from a vaccine.
  • Keep vaccines cool and out of direct sunlight. Always store vaccines according to the label. Refrigerate vaccines between 35°F to 45°F, and keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to monitor temperatures.
  • Train employees about proper storage and handling. Don’t assume employees know what to do. Teach new employees your operation’s vaccine protocols and review with current employees what they should be doing.

Work with your veterinarian to develop the right vaccination protocols for your herd. They are the most familiar with the diseases affecting your operation and can make knowledgeable decisions about selecting the right vaccine.


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