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Compliance matters for drug protocols

September 23, 2013
POSTED BY: Gary Neubauer | DVM | Senior Manager | Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

Think about the last time you were sick — sick enough to go to the doctor. Did you go home with a prescription for antibiotics? Did you read the instructions? They should have contained clear information for how much medicine to take, as well as when, how and for how many days. Did you follow those directions?

If you’re like many Americans, you didn’t. Research shows 66 percent of people admitted to not following prescription directions.1

Are you treating your dairy cattle the same way? If so, that’s a risky move for the wellness and bottom line of your dairy. An estimated 43 percent of dairy producers on well-managed dairies were not following protocols when observed.2 Noncompliance with treatment protocols and prescriptions is a problem. 

Compliance matters because it means doing what’s right — ensuring your dairy wellness.

  • Healthy animals: Successful treatment requires a full course of therapy with the appropriate drug. Experts establish protocols to completely treat diseases and offer your cattle the best chance of a recovery.
  • Healthy dairies: The price on the bottle isn’t the only factor in the cost of a treatment. If workers don’t complete protocols and the treatment fails, dairies face additional expenses to retreat or cull cows.
  • Healthy food: Compliance is vital for protecting the food supply. Using products that carry the Residue Free Guarantee™* means you won’t have to worry about a drug residue in meat or milk as long as you follow the label.

Compliance should mean:

  • Using the correct treatment
  • Giving the correct dosage amount
  • Using the correct route of administration
  • Treating for the correct duration and at the correct time
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Working with your veterinarian

Zoetis can help you make compliance a priority on your dairy. Visit the Residue Avoidance page for more information and resources on how to comply with drug treatment protocols.

*Residue Free Guarantee: If you use a Zoetis-branded ceftiofur product according to label indications, and experience a violative ceftiofur milk or meat residue, Zoetis will compensate you for the beef market value of the animal or purchase the tanker of milk at fair market value. You must purchase the product from a Zoetis-approved supplier, use the product according to label indications, have documentation of the product purchase and treatment records, and have conducted training on appropriate use to ensure proper dose and route of administration of the product. Extra-label use as prescribed by a veterinarian is excluded from the guarantee. If you experience a ceftiofur residue violation after following label indications and the above steps, contact Zoetis VMIPS (Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support) at 800-366-5288 to report the situation.


1 Harris Interactive online survey. Prescription Drug Compliance a Significant Challenge for Many Patients, According to New National Survey. The Wall Street Journal Online Health Industry Edition. March 29, 2005.

2 Wenz JR. Good Health Records: The Foundation of Consistent, Effective Dairy Health Management, in Proceedings. DAIReXNET, March 4, 2013.


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