The dry cow period is ripe for developing new mastitis infections.
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Seal out mastitis during dry cow periods

January 16, 2014
POSTED BY: Doris Ledwith | Quality Milk Specialist | Zoetis

The dry cow period provides ample opportunities for cows to develop new mastitis infections. Patterson Farms concentrates on ways to eliminate bacteria from entering the udder. Cleanliness is key. They work to minimize manure splash on the cows’ legs and udders by making sure the stalls are clean and dry. They also implement a complete dry cow program that focuses on mastitis treatment and prevention. Their dry cow program consists of:

  • Administering a dry tube therapy
  • Using an internal teat sealant, such as ORBESEAL®, to help prevent mastitis pathogens from entering the teat canal during the dry period
  • Vaccinating against Escherichia coli (E. coli) mastitis

They also think it’s important to spend time training employees on proper dry off procedures, including, teat cleaning, dry tube administration and internal teat sealant insertion.


Refer to the ORBESEAL label for complete instructions on proper administration at dry off and removal at freshening.


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