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Culture for success

July 27, 2013
POSTED BY: Dan Funke | Quality Milk Specialist | Zoetis

Veterinarians, such as Dr. Monty Belmer of Waupun Veterinary Service in Wisconsin, approach mastitis management based on cultures, records and efficacy. Dr. Belmer says he usually recommends an eight-day extended therapy protocol to successfully treat mastitis the first time — but only after he’s reviewed culture data and mastitis management records to confirm the mastitis-causing pathogens.

In this video, he explains that the key to making the most of your mastitis treatment is to involve your veterinarian early and often. Your veterinarian can help you:

  • Establish a culturing program
  • Analyze culture data to identify dairy-specific pathogens
  • Find mastitis treatment products that work against specific pathogens
  • Develop treatment protocols



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