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There's a new tool in genetics management

September 05, 2014
POSTED BY: Cheryl Marti | MS | MBA | Associate Director | Genetics & Reproduction Marketing | Zoetis

Data is everywhere on your dairy. Your challenge is knowing how to use it and finding time to compile and analyze it so you can make better decisions for your cows. Enlight is a new, online management tool designed to help Holstein dairy producers more efficiently manage herd genetics. 

This exciting and valuable resource is a collaboration between Holstein Association USA, Inc. and Zoetis. We’ve brought together the strengths of both organizations to create a powerful resource. Enlight will help you utilize investments in Holstein genetics and genomic testing from CLARIFIDE®.

Enlight was created exclusively for Holstein Association USA members and Zoetis customers who use CLARIFIDE for Holstein cattle. It provides a complete view of herd-level and individual animal genetic performance, providing the resources necessary to translate genetic and genomic data into effective selection, management and mating decisions. This platform provides convenient, Web-based access that can be viewed easily on a desktop, laptop or tablet for ultimate flexibility and functionality.

Reporting and analytics at your fingertips

Through Enlight, dairy producers will have access to powerful reporting and analytics such as:

  • Young stock, whole-herd and individual animal reports
  • Benchmarking tools to evaluate genetic progress, design selections and breeding strategies
  • Interactive graphs to quickly interpret results and drill down for more detailed views
  • Access to official genetic information for production, health and type traits and associated indexes — including Total Performance Index (TPI®) and Net Merit (NM$)

Easy to use

  • Site navigation is simple and straightforward
  • Convenient how-to videos will help you use data efficiently
  • All information will be available 24/7, 365 days a year as results are made available, so there is no need to install software or CD upgrades

To learn more, contact your Zoetis representative or visit EnlightDairy.com.



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