Maximize the potential of your next crop of replacement dairy heifers with better information available with CLARIFIDE®.
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Minimize dairy breeding guesswork

June 18, 2014
POSTED BY: Cheryl Marti | MS | MBA | Associate Director | Genetics & Reproduction Marketing | Zoetis

Informed decision-making is the key to advancing your herd’s genetic potential and profitability. When Brian Houin of Homestead Dairy in northern Indiana first used CLARIFIDE®, he realized he had potentially limited profitability with the breeding choice he had made traditionally in his herd. How much potential have you lost in your herd from similar decisions based on imperfect information?

Homestead Dairy now tests with CLARIFIDE before breeding to ensure its best heifers are being bred to the right sires in the right way. The reliability that CLARIFIDE testing provides is far greater than traditional parent averages. Houin’s results are apparent: more efficient animals producing more milk. And each new crop of heifers continues to improve upon the last. Hear how Brian has used CLARIFIDE to get the best potential out of his herd.


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