Maximize genetic progress with key tools
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Maximize genetic progress with key tools

June 20, 2014
POSTED BY: Cheryl Marti | MS | MBA | Associate Director | Genetics & Reproduction Marketing | Zoetis

As a dairy operator, your decision-making can only be as good as the information you have. After purchasing a group of heifers with unknown genetic value, Mike Larson of Larson Acres, Evansville, Wisconsin, began genomic testing the calves of those first-calf heifers to collect more information on how they best fit into his herd.

Larson Acres saw that data from CLARIFIDE® testing forecasted actual lifetime productivity much more reliably than parent average could help predict. The difference was so great, they decided to test their whole herd to ensure they didn’t miss an opportunity to maximize potential or cut costs. In addition to the data, Larson knows you need a plan. He relies on the team at Zoetis to help him evaluate and plan how best to use the information. See how Larson uses these tools to ensure continued growth and success for his dairy.



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