Genomics decision-making just got faster
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Genomics decision-making just got faster

December 03, 2014
POSTED BY: Cheryl Marti | MS | MBA | Associate Director | Genetics & Reproduction Marketing | Zoetis

As a dairy producer using CLARIFIDE®, you will now be able to effectively and efficiently make management decisions with your results sooner and more frequently. The Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) has developed a method to calculate preliminary genomic predictions before official monthly evaluations are released. Official genomic data remains available the first Tuesday of most months. Now, preliminary evaluations are available to you every Tuesday.

What does this mean to you?
Customers who use CLARIFIDE will notice an improvement in the time between submitting a sample and receiving results, if samples are submitted on a weekly basis. Additionally, anyone who misses the monthly official-run cutoff will now have preliminary results to help make more timely management decisions until the official results are provided. These results also make the workload of genotyping laboratories more uniform, which gives you more flexibility as to when you submit your samples.

Accessing preliminary evaluations is easy:

  • Holstein Association USA staff will email a spreadsheet containing all of the new animals for the week to producers who are to receive results and have provided them with a valid email address.
  • Preliminary genomic evaluations are available through Enlight™. If you’re not already an Enlight user, you can enroll by visiting or talking to your Zoetis or Holstein Association USA representative.

Achieving a more efficient turnaround time can be impacted by:

  • Double-checking animal identification and birthdates for accuracy
  • Reevaluating your DNA collection technique to ensure quality samples
  • Adjusting on-farm procedures to take advantage of weekly predictions by submitting samples more frequently.

We are committed to providing you with accurate, reliable genomic tests through CLARIFIDE as well as world-class service through our technical specialists. Visit for more information on new index and base change information, or talk with your Zoetis representative.



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