Apply the same milk quality standards and processes with hospital cows as you do with your lactating herd.
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Milk quality matters, even for hospital cows

July 14, 2014
POSTED BY: Bradley Mills | DVM | Senior Veterinarian | Dairy Technical Services | Zoetis

It’s easy to overlook hospital cows and focus on the main herd. But according to Brandon Treichler, DVM, Valley Veterinary Clinic in Seymour, Wisconsin, what you do in the hospital pen and parlor makes a difference.

In a 12-doctor dairy practice, Dr. Treichler’s role is primarily focused on milk quality. He understands that in order to make good quality dairy products, the cows need to be healthy.  

Being diligent and consistent about hospital cow procedures, whether it be the treatment process or the milking process, can help improve hospital cows’ health statuses so they can return to the lactating herd.

Follow these basic procedures for maintaining hospital cow milking equipment:
• Clean units between use on each cow
• Sanitize milking lines and milking claws after each milking
• Work with your milking equipment manufacturer to perform a CIP (cleaning in place) procedure on your milking system

Click on the image to watch this month's Milk Quality Focus video for more tips. 


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